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"Business" analytics
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I'm sure I'm a sucker for a good advert or two, but these "business" analytics platforms I keep seeing seem useful.

We've got a number of different bits of data that we really ought to combine. Currently, our ad revenue statistics are on a separate platform to our traffic analytics, which means providing any sort of actual analytics for planning business-like stuff is very difficult.

osTicket produces some form of statistics and data, which we could use to track our performance. We could combine this with things like Phabricator actions, productivity analytics anyone? (I'm ready to be the bottom of this 99% of the time)

There's not much joined up data at ShoutWiki. It's a shame. Data driven decisions are probably a lot better than some of the ones we make currently.

I'm not saying we invest in using one of these platforms, but we should definitely look at all the data we currently have and join some of it up some how.

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