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About protocol problems when using ShoutWiki
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I can log in Shoutwiki by using HTTPS protocol only. If I try to log in Shoutwiki using HTTP protocol, it fails to log-in. However when I perform several actions, my mobile Chrome browser automatically displays website connected with HTTP. Fortunately I can use the wiki with log-on status by changing the protocol to HTTPS, but this makes me annoying because it requires me to type HTTPS in url bar. So how can I find some way to "fix" HTTPS protocol using my mobile Chrome browser?

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The fix is to stop using HTTPS. I know, it sucks, but it's unsupported for a very good reason at the moment, and it'll stop working when our current certificate expires in about two months time.

Your login to ShoutWiki will fail in HTTP because you've previously logged in with HTTPS, it's a cookie thing.

The task for HTTPS is T131.