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Add extensions and userrights on testwiki-sv and testwiki
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Projects: sv-testwiki (sv version) and testwiki (en version), I need to add the following extensions:

Abusefilter, WikiEditor, CodeEditor, Dice, Widgets, NewUserMessage, WhosOnline, ViewWikitext and I also want to change the user rights for the users, here are these I want to change:

Admin: editinterface - false, nuke-false, unblockself-false, editusercss, edituserjs, edituserjs-false, blockemail-false

Bureaucrat: all that are false, set to true

New user group: Ninja, with following user rights: block, delete, rollback, patrol, undelete

and add also protect and delete locks, plus also so we use the files from wikimedia commons and wikipedia

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Psl85 created this task.Sep 13 2018, 1:37 PM
lewiscawte closed this task as Invalid.

These requests should go through Special:Contact/ but test wikis are against our Content Policy anyway.

Psl85 added a comment.Sep 23 2018, 5:07 PM

how do I that?