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Issue with logging into any shoutwiki from chrome
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I am the admin of the Bad Webcomics Wiki @ under the username Webkilla

Over the last few weeks I've been unable to log into the wiki via Chrome browsers. I've tested this on multiple platforms - its reproducible. I have no clue why its not working.

I'll get a normal error message if I type in the wrong password - but if I type in the right one, I'm just sent back to the wiki frontpage NOT logged in. As the wiki admin, this is somewhat of an issue for me.

This bug also persists on other shoutwiki sites, including the main website.

I should note that I have found a temporary workaround: I can apparently log in just fine to any shoutwiki site, including the main site, via the Edge browser instead. However, Chrome is my primary browser of choice for the time being.

I have no clue why its doing this. Can someone please look into it?

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Closing in place of your support ticket. tl;dr - it isn't a bug. It's a cookie or session getting stuck in your browser.