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Let site stewards add local interwiki or interlanguage links
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If I remember correctly, at some point we went from a global InterWiki table to individual ones for each wiki. This means we can let site stewards handle this, instead of requesting it to us. I believe there was some checking to be done to make sure it worked as intended (that they couldn't edit the global table, or something?), but @jack told me a long time ago and I don't remember.

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@isarra Do you know anything any thoughts on this? You merged our nasty hack (the ShoutWiki Interwiki Magic extension) into the upstream Interwiki extension a long time ago.

@cook879 Probably the easiest way to test this is to create a new site (as a mortal) and adjust permissions accordingly and see if the global entries change or not when using the special page as a mortal steward.

Er, the extension has a global one and local ones on all the other wikis now, and just sort of merges those on those wikis, so if we converted to use that, uh...

You'd need someone able to edit the hub one for global stuff, but the local admins/stewards/whatever on any given wiki should be able to change their local one, and also override the global with local entries?

lewiscawte added a subscriber: lewiscawte.

@cook879 Are you able to do some testing so we can get this sorted?