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CreateWikiBackend::parseLicense()/[[MediaWiki:Createwiki-license-rels]] should not use $wgScriptPath but rather something else
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Probably [[$wgResourceBasePath|$wgResourceBasePath]], which we can then customize in our GlobalSettings.php, like how we customized $wgStylePath and $wgExtensionAssetsPath to improve Varnish hit rates.
Right now the current code results in entries like this being written to the generated <wiki subdomain>Settings.php files:

$wgRightsIcon = "$wgScriptPath/resources/assets/licenses/cc-by-sa.png";

But as the manual page notes, $wgScriptPath is a relative path, hence not what we want to use here.

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lewiscawte triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 11 2016, 1:01 PM

"I love doing massive find and replaces in all the settings files that require loads of escaping." said no Lcawte ever.