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Undefined UploadRow methods in MultiUpload
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Fatal error: Call to undefined method UploadRow::getUploadError() in /var/www/live/w/extensions/MultiUpload/SpecialMultiUpload.php on line 366

UploadRow extends SpecialUpload but the following methods don't exist in either class:

  • getUploadError
  • getRecoverableUploadError

SpecialUpload has showRecoverableUploadError though, as well as showUploadError, so MultiUpload should be changed to try to use these methods instead. Alternatively, should this provide impossible to do, the old get* methods should be ported over if such methods exist; looking at old MW versions, apparently it's been a while since there was a getUploadError, if such a method ever existed.

TODO: What triggers these errors?

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