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Issues about Vector Skin - dropdown menus are covered by right ads.
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When the width is narrow(about less than 768px), the vector skin changes its form in order to fit in narrow width (such as moving sidebar down). However, I found a serious problem. The dropdown of right tab is concealed by right advertisements, like below screenshot.

dropdown conceal.png (686×717 px, 146 KB)

(Actually I slightly modified css settings of dropdown menu by extending it to left side, but if I didn't modify the css, the dropdown menu would be concealed by right ads, because it is under the right ads.)

Since I found it causes a serious inconvenience of using wiki, I request to fix the problem.

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Utolee90 created this task.
lewiscawte lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.Mar 25 2017, 1:19 AM
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I found similar issues in other skins.

As I use Shoutwiki, I found several bugs that make wiki inconvenient to use wiki, especially in mobile view.

; CologneBlue, DusktoDawn, Modern, Monobook, Monaco, Nimbus, Treuglass
: No bugs appeared, due to the fact that this skins are not suitable to mobile view like ordinary mediawiki skins...
; Aurora
: On mobile view, the skin leaves an empty space on its right due to the footer. Only footer is on the "empty space"
; Bouquet
: On mobile view, the advertisement above the article conceals the sidebar.
; DeskMessMirrored
: Hmmm, is it intentional that the tabs on preference is appeared as "default unordered list" instead of ordinary tab? And the TOC of page is expressed as "dully marked" unordered list. And it is not bug, but I want to ask how I can change the above tabs of the skin.
; Dusk
: No bugs make me inconvenient, but the footer text invades the right sidebar...
; Gamepress
: On PC with narrow width, the upper ad covers the sidebar.