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Allow stewards to add/remove other stewards
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Xauroflaux created this task.

This is actually a good request we hear quite a lot.

The steward group was historically created (on ShoutWiki) as a way "to deal w/ rouge admins", to quote what Pinky wrote on GlobalSettings.php many, many moons ago. As such, I'm not sure about this request. Yes, this is a request we hear more often than once a year or so, but I think we can continue dealing with these requests on a case-by-case basis and focus on getting AdminPanel into shape so that admins (etc.) are able to change the wiki's default skin, theme and such stuff without having to contact staff. That seems more beneficial for all parties IMO.

lewiscawte moved this task from Restricted Project Column to Restricted Project Column on the Restricted Project board.Jan 6 2020, 8:16 PM