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Improve ad placement in responsive Monobook
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The new MediaWiki 1.32 update added an option to use responsive Monobook. However, on pages with ads enabled, the content area is very narrow, due to ads and following CSS added by ShoutWiki Ads extension:

margin-right: 125px !important
margin-left: 12.2em !important

Screenshot_2019-03-05 D-X12a – Jedipedia.png (1×532 px, 190 KB)

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jack added a subscriber: jack.

Nice catch, thanks!

I've submitted an experimental patch on upstream, see ; not yet available/live on ShoutWiki, but feel free to give it a spin if you've got a local setup (ShoutWikiAds should be relatively testable locally without a valid AdSense key, it's just that in debug mode the JS script from Google's servers isn't loaded and static <img> placeholder ads are served instead of dynamic JS and whatnot that is served in production).
The width cutoff is the same as for responsive MonoBook in MonoBook's skin.json so this should be decent-ish, provided Firefox's (and Chromium's) dev tools are any good.