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Installing Namespace Manager on Cogitopédie
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I'd like the Namespace Manager to be installed on cogitopedie.shoutwiki...

There are no too many security issues for you with this extension?

I don't want to edit the default namespaces, but to add some namespaces without having to make a request each time,
in order to make this as part of the data structure/page sorting of the wiki, and making targetting actions on the namespaces I'll create.

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lewiscawte triaged this task as Wishlist priority.

Haven't done an in-depth review of the extension in question, although it would appear that the quality of BlueSpice extensions has significantly improved since I last took a look at one of 'em. Yay!

That being said, there are two major issues I see:

  1. compatibility with our setup -- these sorta extensions oftentimes assume they can write to LocalSettings.php as they want, and that is a perfectly reasonable assumption on a standard MW install, but a wiki farm is different in this respect
  2. dependency on the BlueSpice core extension (BlueSpiceFoundation) (-> more code to review just to support this extension)

While enabling users even more control over their wiki and its settings is an important long-term goal of ours, we don't really feel this is the right tool at the time. As such, I'm unfortunately going to have to decline this ticket.