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Can’t import pages
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Can you even let crats import pages from another wiki? It seems like a Import is not a normal action that local wiki admins do instead of staff actions which sound like new MediaWiki importation installations. It sounds like a required XML dump becomes PHP or MySQL dump which is directly transported into the LocalSettings.php file.

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lewiscawte closed this task as Wontfix.Jul 18 2019, 9:04 AM
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@znotch190711 If you aren't sure what projects to add a task to, don't. This isn't a task that requires a lot of code so it doesn't belong in Major Code. Also, stop the world and his wife to tasks. We've got systems that watch for new tasks so we can action them where necessary. What we don't have, is systems to go and clean all this junk from everyone's inboxes.

Import is not typically a restricted feature in MediaWiki but it was heavily abused on ShoutWiki to import Wikipedia dumps etc, which caused service outages. For this reason, at this time, we won't be opening Special:Import back up to anyone.