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There is a problem with the login
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When I try to login, it then signs me out. I tried to login again but this keeps happening multiple times.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Type in your username and password
  3. Press login

Actual results:
It signs you right back out.

Expected results:
It signs you in to your account.

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jack added a subscriber: jack.

Hi @ILikeTrainsMore,

Is this problem still occurring? I just tested logging in on ShoutWiki Hub and I had no issues with logging in/logging out/logging back in.

What browser (and its version) and operating system are you using? You can see these details by visiting Special:MyInfo on any ShoutWiki site. (Do note that it might be best to press CTRL+F5 on your keyboard once you're on the page to trigger a "hard refresh" to ensure the page displays accurate data; sometimes, when you're not logged in, it can display wildly inaccurate, cached data.)

Closing due to a lack of further info from the reporter.