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Add wiki creation date (timestamp) into Special:MyWikis
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Special:MyWikis currently lists the following things for each entry (wiki):

  1. Sitename
  2. URL
  3. Language code
  4. ID

We know that the bigger the ID, the newer the site; and the other way around. But this doesn't tell us anything, really. Compare it to user IDs (which aren't even exposed on Special:Preferences anymore as they used to be) and [[|user.user_registration]]: one is for internal use by the software and the other one is usually in a human-readable format and of significance to the average user.

Real-world use cases:

  1. As a staff member, I need to know when a wiki was created (to debug some bugs which affect only certain wikis, for example).
  2. As an end-user, I need to know when I created each of my wikis for whatever purposes, really. (If the CreateWiki run finished successfully and the founder's user talk page hasn't been deleted, that can be used to fetch the info, but that's extremely hacky and inconvenient, to say the very least...)

Event Timeline

So I've implemented this functionality to CreateWiki, it uses wl_timestamp from wiki_list as it's timestamp. The code could probably be cleaned up a little further, but it works for now.