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Use VIPS for image scaling & deploy the VipsScaler MediaWiki extension
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Quoth info page for the VipsScaler extension: "The VipsScaler extension is a wrapper around VIPS, a free image processing software. VIPS is a set of image manipulation tools specially designed for speed and low memory usage. This is useful for resizing large PNGs, and it improves the appearance of shrunken JPEGs."

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Currently being used on Brickipedia with no issues. Hope to roll out globally soon.

@gbarnick So Bricki is the one wiki currently testing VipsSscaler - might be the cause of your image thumbnail problems? Can you provide a few examples and make sure to note which part is wrong/what it should be?

Sounds like it could be a possibility.

Here's some info. I've only uploaded one file to test so far, but it's

As you can see in this screenshot, the non-thumbnailed full-size photo up top is correct, but in the version history where it's thumbnailed it still shows the old revision.

image.png (1×1 px, 538 KB)

Targetting global deployment Q1 2019 using settings currently running at Brickipedia.

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Deployed - testing for a few days before cleaning up Brickipedia and closing as resolved.

Been deployed for a number of months now with no issues.