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Jan 8 2017, 6:43 AM (315 w, 6 d)
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Dec 15 2018

gbarnick added a comment to T176: Use VIPS for image scaling & deploy the VipsScaler MediaWiki extension.

Sounds like it could be a possibility.

Dec 15 2018, 7:08 PM · Extension Wishlist, 2018 Major Operations, Restricted Project

Dec 9 2018

gbarnick added a comment to T131: Sort HTTPS and make it available to everyone.

Where does this stand currently?

Dec 9 2018, 10:42 PM · 2018 Major Operations, Restricted Project
gbarnick added a comment to T185: Improve current client error 404/403 pages.

The biggest difficulty in this idea is that users are able to set their language in MediaWiki, but nothing about the HTTP environment carries forward that language setting, so when an HTTP request is made and hits an error page, there's little-to-nothing to go off of in that request to indicate what the target language should be as it isn't querying their MediaWiki user preferences. When I think of ideas for creating a localized error page in a wiki environment, Wikipedia comes to mind with their localization in the subdomain (e.g.,, etc), where you could theoretically make an nginx if statement that picks up the subdomain and returns a different error_page directive depending on the subdomain. However on ShoutWiki where the domains don't indicate the site language, that doesn't work. Even if you were to query the site's content-language response header before returning a PHP-based error_page, the site's content-language could be different than the user's customized preferences.

Dec 9 2018, 10:07 PM · I18n, Design, Restricted Project

Jan 21 2018

gbarnick added a comment to T231: Recurring Error 502s.

Last reported 7 November 2017 here by 3 users.

Jan 21 2018, 9:31 PM · Restricted Project
gbarnick created T231: Recurring Error 502s.
Jan 21 2018, 9:11 PM · Restricted Project