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Start actually caching useful things
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We ought to start actually sending some content with expiry headers on to reduce a lot of the work out backend servers are doing.

Currently, very little seems to actually be getting cached, defeating the point of having a Varnish layer. Caching more common objects like CSS/JS, frequently requested images and high traffic pages will give the backend servers more resources to play with the ability to start dedicating some of that "recovered" server time being available for use on other types of content (such as video renders/processing for TMH), generally handling more traffic and running jobs more frequently.

It will also improve load times slightly for most users who visit more than one page!

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So I played around with a few headers today, after giving Varnish most of Utter's RAM to play with. Pages at /wiki/ are currently cached for 10 minutes (we ought to maybe change this to be a little more namespace specific and/or exclude Special: pages?) and images for a month.

Let's see how this goes...