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Add Liberty skin
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Per osTicket #3714, we should add the Liberty skin as an option the users can choose.
I've contributed a few patches to it over the years to make this happen one day...

To-do list:

  • Add skin to repo
  • Add support for the skin into ShoutWikiAds (leaderboard ad is always available, but we'll probably want some more slots than just that one)
  • Actually there's $wgLibertyAdSetting (sic), which is like $wgAdConfig but just for this one skin. We should set that up properly in GlobalSettings.php
  • Add screenshots to /extensions/CreateWiki/images (and add the skin to $wgCreateWikiAllowedThemes though that var isn't really used, as per the code comment)
  • Configure as desired (may want to turn off the live RC widget by default, $wgLibertyEnableLiveRC = false;, and maybe also Gravatar integration: $wgLibertyUseGravatar = false; -- Twitter stuff etc. needs further looking into)

Event Timeline

jack triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Aug 3 2020, 8:54 AM
jack created this task.