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Fix no logo Nimbus bug
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When Nimbus has no logo (File:Wiki.png), the navbar at the top of the page covers the top part of the content, meaning users can't access tools such as edit.

nimbus.png (1×1 px, 110 KB)

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While importing from starter should avoid this problem, the imported image did not appear. This may be related to our recent changes to image paths and may or may not still be a problem - I know there were changes recently to fix some legacy paths in CreateWiki

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{rSHWK3889} probably fixes the "import stuff from starter wiki" case, but the issue you described is indeed a problem if/when a user chooses not to import starter content (in which case only a bare-bones main page -- [[MediaWiki:Createwiki-newmainpage]] -- is created). I've always thought of this as a wiki-specific "bug" caused by the wiki not being "correctly" set up, but yes, it's not exactly obvious that the admin should upload a file called `Wiki.png´ to the wiki to make navigation menu etc. show up correctly...

Perhaps we should implement a default logo of some kind in the Nimbus skin itself? Right now it uses $wgLogo (i.e. Wiki.png on ShoutWiki), but some skins (such as Quartz) use that skin's custom logo (Wiki_wide.png in Quartz) and fall back to $wgLogo if there's no appropriate, skin-specific custom logo...which actually doesn't handle the "$wgLogo doesn't exist" case at all. Maybe I'm wrong and this indeed is a real code bug that we could and should handle with CSS or something. Thoughts?

I feel like the ideal solution to this is to deal with it via CSS, even if we just do something where we detect no image we put a blank clear one in there. We can put in as many defaults as we like, but at the end of the day that doesn't stop users deleting the images and having the bug.

#site-logo {
	min-height: 150px;

fixes this bug. I'll try to commit a patch later today...

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Upstream patch:
Local patch: {rSHWK3895}