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Consolidate the Games and Sports skins
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Games and Sports are both legacy skins from 2006. Visually they look identical enough that you'd be fooled into thinking they're the same skin, just with a different theme; that's what we want it to be in the future, but that's not the case yet.
The current situation is a maintenance burden, as witnessed by rSHWK3896 and the follow-up revisions (rSHWK3897, rSHWK3898, rSHWK3899), but merging these skins is not trivial as the HTML structure and the CSS class names are significantly different from each other. Both skins also have some long-standing issues, such as the "search" button being an image and thus not i18n-compatible, which I'm hoping we can address in the future by refactoring these skins.

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jack claimed this task.

Now that Sports is a theme of Games, I've pushed that change live and undeployed Sports from Interface Messages Wiki, the only wiki where it was deployed on.