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Enable Metrolook globally
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Now that we have a wiki using Metrolook, and it has advertisements, we should enable it globally.

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So the last time we updated our version of Metrolook was in {rSHWK3754}, in December 2015. I'm not sure if we'd need to update our version for the public launch -- no major changes have been done to the skin and AFAIK it's pretty feature-complete, but it'd be nice to be running the latest version, for i18n and whatnot.

While most of the changes done since December 2015 have been trivial, of course there's that one seemingly trivial and innocent change which breaks ShoutWiki...the annoying, obnoxious and generally pointless array() -> [] change. Since the skin has four PHP files, of which one (Metrolook.php) is an obsolete, legacy access point, the remaining three PHP files are all affected. This shouldn't be too hard to revert and won't be an issue once we're running PHP 5.5 or newer in production, but in the meanwhile, short array crap will break production.

For the public launch of Metrolook on ShoutWiki, we should override MediaWiki:Metrolook-tiles on the Interface Messages Wiki as the default one links to and even hotlinks images from that external domain.