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Remove wfMsg in DumpsOnDemand
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DumpsOnDemand, although unused currently, is open sourced on our GitHub and we should at the very least, take five minutes to clear up these functions which are deprecated in 1.27 (blocking T90) which blocks any future use of this extension.

./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:			$mwTimestamp = wfMsg( 'dump-database-unknown' );
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:<h2>' . wfMsg( 'dump-database' ) . '</h2>' .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:wfMsg( 'dump-database-info' ) .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:			wfMsg( 'dump-database-full-pages' ) .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:			wfMsg( 'dump-database-full-pages-info' ) .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:			wfMsg( 'dump-database-request' ) .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				wfMsg( 'dump-database-request-info' ) .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				$text .= '<input type="submit" value="' . wfMsg( 'dump-database-request-submit' ) . '" />';
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				$text .= '<input type="submit" value="' . wfMsg( 'dump-database-request-already-submitted' ) . '" disabled="disabled" />';
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:					wfMsg( 'dump-database-dump-complete',
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:					wfMsg( 'dump-database-error-happened', $error ) .
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-error' )
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-error' )
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:					'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-error' )
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-error' )
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:				'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-error' )
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:					'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-error-grep' )
./DumpsOnDemand/DumpsOnDemand.class.php:					'error' => wfMsg( 'dump-database-mysqldump-already-running' )

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jack added a subscriber: jack.Jul 24 2016, 8:56 AM

Yes, it's FOSS, and yes, the usage of wfMsg might break it under MW 1.27, but that's the very least of this extension's problems. I mean, a literal s/wfMsg/wfMessage/g will work because of the existence of Message::__toString, so if someone really wants to run this under 1.27, it's not this issue really blocking that -- it's the fact that the extension's somewhat ShoutWiki-specific, requiring a core hack (for the CustomSpecialStatistics hook) and uses some other deprecated things, such as PHP i18n and setup files...not to mention the obvious lack of scalability (a known design issue at the time).

Strongly suggesting WONTFIX for the time being. We can and have to fix this if we ever decide to revisit the idea of dump generation on demand (which I hope we can do one day, as it's a very cool concept; it's just extremely tricky to do properly), but for now, we have more than enough with the extensions we're already supporting.

lewiscawte triaged this task as Low priority.Nov 11 2016, 12:59 PM
jack closed this task as Wontfix.Mar 16 2019, 2:59 AM
jack claimed this task.

DumpsOnDemand is old and abandoned and won't be revisited anytime soon.