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Make Refreshed skin compatible with ShoutWiki ads
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So @jack pointed out that the MediaWiki skin Refreshed currently isn't compatible with ShoutWikiAds, only compatible with Google AdWords. This should be made possible ^^

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jack claimed this task.

So I added (and self-merged) a new hook point, RefreshedInSidebar, to Refreshed (upstream commit), which allows us to inject 125x125px ads into the sidebar area.

ShoutWikiAds updates are in {rSHWK3930}, to be pushed upstream soon (but likely not before T90 is fixed). We have three ad slots for Refreshed: sidebar ($wgAdConfig['refreshed']['sidebar'] = true;), a 125x125px ad in the sidebar area (div#sidebar), leaderboard (standard 728x90px leaderboard ad in the site notice area) and leaderboard-bottom (yet another 728x90px ad, this time in the bottom of the page, based on the code on the skin's infopage).